Welcome to one of the most important international trade fair locations in the world and a modern pulsating city with lots to discover! A modern state capital with groundbreaking architecture and a model infrastructure, surrounded by idyllic little towns and villages – this is the Hannover location with all its delightful contrasts.

Cafe_Kröpcke with Opera and Georgstraße
Farmhouse in Lower Saxony

Hannover’s strengths as a business location are its innovative companies, ist international flagship fairs and its economic stability. The academic world, business and government pool their resources to put pep into the economy of the city that was home to the all-round genius Leibniz. The “Germany 2020” study by the Zukunftsinstitut, a Frankfurt-based institute for prognostics, presents Hannover as “soundly based and future-driven”, with “creative entrepreneurs, excellent conditions for education and research and a talent for keeping up with decisive trends”. Museums such as the Wilhelm Busch Museum, home to Max and Moritz (see social program IEB on thursday), theatres where world-famous stars appear and a celebrated State Opera offer outstanding cultural experiences. Equally attractive are the Herrenhausen Gardens, the maritime atmosphere of the Maschsee Lake, the great diversity of sporting events and open-air concerts, and the many fairs and popular festivals. Passers-by linger in the picturesque Old Town, and the exotic landscapes of the Adventure Zoo enchant the whole family. Keen shoppers can roam through one of Germany’s largest pedestrian zones or enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the Region’s half-timbered towns. All round the city, recreational areas such as Lake Steinhude or the Deister Hills offer a wide diversity of leisure activities.

„Red Thread“ Hannover
The Red Thread is painted on the pavement, is 4200 metres long, and weaves its way through the inner city joining up 36 prime attractions. This is a floorline visitors’ guide of a different kind. All you have to do is follow the Red Thread! This „do it yourself“ city tour is accompanied by an informative brochure which describes all of the interesting buildings and monuments you meet along the way, and is also full of interesting historical background. Furthermore the brochure describes an „ExtraTour“ which is a 45 minutes refreshing detour to the banks of Lake Maschsee.

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